Beyond breaking news

Matthew Ingram posits why traditional media should be afraid of Twitter. The introduction of hashtag pages could prove to be quite useful, in the least.  And at best, hashtag pages could carve out huge portions of topical audiences.

Twitter has been breaking news quicker than the rest of the internet for awhile now. Today, when I see journalists (especially younger ones) who aren’t using Twitter, it amounts to a journalist in 1970 choosing not to use a typewriter or an AP wire.

Expect to see more ‘lean forward’ work being done on tablets

StorifyStorify has gathered momentum as a great way to put together topical articles in aggregate from social media. And now the service takes another leap forward by bringing out an iPad app.  The mobility of the tablet, along with the fact tablets are heavily used at conferences and meetings, lends well to the type of content you might push into Storify.

Unfortunately, the walled-garden of Facebook prevents that medium from being fully explored via Storify.  Twitter, on the other hand, is a fantastic vehicle for Storify, and I’m convinced that those who underestimate Twitter might gain a better understanding if they see more well-crafted Storify embeds.