Subcompact Publishing

Well-considered long form post on the subject of redefining magazine publishing for the “any-device” era. See on


Expect to see more ‘lean forward’ work being done on tablets

Storify has gathered momentum as a great way to put together topical articles in aggregate from social media. And now the service takes another leap forward by bringing out an iPad app.  The mobility of the tablet, along with the fact tablets are heavily used at conferences and meetings, lends well to the type of content you(…)


Please jump through this hoop needlessly

Are you a big media company? Do you look at the iPad , turn to your cohorts and say “now here’s a place where we can finally make some scratch!”  Well, first make a brief stopover at  All Web Developers Should Stop Doing This Immediately.  Tablet apps are nice, might even be a great idea(…)